Multiple Options for Custom Videos

If you See it, I can Design it.

Creativity is the key.  The days of taking a thousand pictures and making an end season video are over.  While that can still be done and is the most economical package, anyone can do it, and that’s not my style.  I want your player to feel like they’re the most special player on the team, that’s my mission.

Package 1:  Individual Player Tribute  $200.00

I come to your game and take as many actions shots as I can and then edit, design and combine it all into one video with sound and graphic effects.

Package 2:  Individual Highlight Real  $300.00

I come to your game and shoot action shots of your player and combine it with video, added special effects, graphic art, and sound effects.

These videos are 5-8 minutes in length, all depends how active your player is on the ice.  While you may think the cost is high, I can tell you this.  Two hours of video can take up to 5 hours of editing.

Package 3:  Player Vidclips, 250.00

I come to your game, shoot multiple action shots and video of your player, edit, design and combine it all into a two minute video in an arrangement that makes your player feel like a real pro player.

Package 4:  End Season Team Video $2000.00  (just under 125.00/player)

We pick a week where you have multiple games.  I shoot and record over a two to three game period, edit, design, and combine it all into one eight to twelve minute video.  Included with the end season video is one 11 x 17 poster for each player.